Here They Are:  Fee Schedule For 2016


The PLE team is interested in one goal:  improving your quality of life as a healthcare provider or healthcare company by handling your administrative tasks & paperwork.  For all you healthcare providers, we'll even handle other personal tasks you need done--and we do it all confidentially.  We have more than 20 years experience as virtual assistants, and we work exclusively to meet the special needs of healthcare providers.  Let the team handle everything from your next licensing application to helping plan a great vacation, daytrip, or conference.  We recognize that one time state licensing can cost hundreds; why not sign up with a team that can easily handle that and more?


We are pleased to now be able to extend our service beyond healthsystems and attending physicians to senior residents & fellows.  


Thanks for all of the feedback and we are glad to help.


Beneath, please find our fee schedule for 2015. 

The Senior Resident's Service:  $90 / month


This service is available to senior residents only in any discipline.


6 hours of usage per month are included.  (Most don't require that much.)


For each month of usage at the resident level, you'll also be signed up for one month of the attending level usage to be started when you complete training--that's how we provide the service to you at such a discount.


State licensing, case log update, and even M&M preparation (for you surgeons out there) is included.


We'll take care of credentialing you at your new job / fellowship...all that and it's only about as much as a cable bill--but it's much more valuable.


Make transition from residency to fellowship easy with this introductory service!




The Fellow's Service:  $160 / month

Fellowship is a time to focus on honing your skill in whichever discipline you chose.  Don't be distracted by administrative tasks that keep you from family and the rest of your life.


Let us handle your tasks, paperwork for boards, and whatever else you need!


For each month of fellow-level usage, we sign you up for one month of the attending level usage to be started when you complete training--that's how we provide the service to you at such a discount.


This package includes ten hours of work per month in addition to any work required for hospital credentialing, case log maintenance, and state licensure.  (Most never require that.) In other words, we take care of the difficult tasks of hospital credentials paperwork and case log maintenance and provide you with more than ten extra hours of work to handle any other tasks.  State licensing alone costs seven to eight hundred dollars (often 600 euro).


For about the monthly cost of a phone bill, we'll handle all of those tasks that get in your way.


Prepare to maintain the lifestyle and patient focus of an attending and start with the PLE team now. 

The Attending Service:  $600 / month


CME issues, license expiration reminders, travel arrangements, new state's all here.


Family says you're too busy...we can help.


Here is the solution to many of healthcare's challenges.  We will provide the assistant work you require confidentially and provide you with


tools & tips to improve your quality of life.  Notice that other virtual assistant services, which often have team members who don't speak


English as a first language and who don't understand healthcare, run around $700 (often 600 euro) per month. 


...the only thing we can't do is provide the patient care.*






* ...we think of ourselves like doctors...but we're really only doctors to make your paperwork so much better!

The Business to Business Health System Service:  Get In Touch


Problems with getting providers credentialed?  Issues with state licensure, DEA paperwork, or a host of the other barriers that prevent your


system from putting a new physician or Advanced Practitioner to work?  Then this one is for you.


Provider Lifestyle Experts' work for your health system requires collaboration and a free business to business consult.  The PLE team needs


to understand where your barriers are and how, specifically, we can help you achieve your goals.  We'll quickly and efficiently discuss your


needs and turn around a quote that will be MUCH less expensive than all those missed charges you're bound for right now.


Twelve health systems can't be PLE today to find out how the team can help you avoid dropped revenue and get that provider to 









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